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Irv Schwary
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Welcome to the website of professional speaker and success/life coach, Irv Schwary. A retired law enforcement executive, counselor, trainer and adventurer who followed Sasquatch, searched for Loch Ness, boated through the San Juan Islands, ate chocolate mousse at the Eiffel Tower, skied in the Alps, ate pickled herring and drank beer in Amsterdam, danced the waltz during a Vienna afternoon, dove to the bottom of the Mississippi River, swam with thousands of barracudas, survived two airplane fires and a 6.8 earthquake in a foreign country, and sang "Summertime" to tourists in Venice.

He has interviewed and counseled people for 36 years, spoken to thousands and trained people in ethics, leadership, success and to always be prepared, among other topics.

He is on the cutting edge of the Baby Boomer Generation. After his retirement, he developed Zentirement®, the concept and educational program to live the fullest life BEFORE and AFTER retirement. Work Hard Play Hard Live Life® and ZentireMan® are trademarked terms for the Zentirement® program. Remember the passion you had when you were younger; renew that passion, learn the secrets of happiness and regain that youthful step. Learn the concepts, listen to the stories and become a practitioner of Zentirement®.

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The Book - Coming in 2014

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